The Journey Begins…again

Black Caviar presentation

Introducing the 2019 Grand Racing Tour.

We are unapologetically a horsemen and horse lovers tour.  We are not into top hats and fancy $600+ lunches.  We are interested in the horses and the racing, first and foremost.

We still do lots of sightseeing and spoil ourselves on the food and accommodation fronts but at Grand ‘the horses come first’ 

The 2019 tour will be slightly different as we will visit Newmarket, the ancestral home of horseracing, after the Irish Derby.  This means we will have an extended stay in racing’s Mecca and be there for their July Cup Week which is the week of the year the locals let their hair down. Local trainer John Berry will be assisting us on the ground with introductions so we will really become part of the scene during our week in Newmarket.

In Ireland racing writer extraordinaire and good friend Lissa Oliver will do the honours. There is no-one she doesn’t know there, so we’ll get red carpet treatment wherever we go.

This promises to be our best tour ever so don’t miss out. Make contact at  or phone me (Geoff) for a chat on 0408 206 225.  I’m always up for a talk about horses and experiences on previous tours.


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