“The Race that Stops a Nation”

No horse race in any other country in the world captures the interest and imagination of the public like the Melbourne Cup does most Australians.

Sixty percent of Australia’s population of 26 million take part in some sort of Melbourne Cup activity on the first Tuesday in November.

For some it’s a once a year ‘investment’ in an office sweep or a $2 flutter based on a lucky number, favourite colour, silly name or anything else other than actual racetrack performances.  For others it’s serious business and lengthy study of the numerous form guides is called for. Between the ‘experts’ and the mugs some $350 million is wagered on Cup Day and a staggering total of $650 million on the 4 day Cup Carnival.

For Melburnians the Cup lead up includes the famous street parade of past winners, jockeys, trainers etc that takes place through Melbourne CBD on the day before the Cup.

Cup day itself is a Public Holiday in Victoria but that is only part of the reason that the attendance regularly tops 100,000.  Many of the crowd are from every corner of the country, every walk of life and increasingly, from all parts of the World.

It’s definitely a racing bucket list top 10 so we’d love you to join us.

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